“In the world of Alzheimer’s more than with any other disease, the family members are patients too. Having a safe place to go and talk, cry, laugh sometimes, widens the world, and lightens some of the pain.” – Patti Davis

Beyond Alzheimer’s was created by Patti Davis in 2011 after 10 long years of loneliness while losing her father to Alzheimer’s. Over time, Patti began to realize that others in the same situation also felt isolated and alone, with no one ever inquiring about their emotional health and she decided to do something about it. Beyond Alzheimer’s is a support group for caregivers and family members of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia located at Saint John’s/Providence Health Center. Patti works with co-facilitators from the medical field so that both clinical and emotional issues can be addressed. The goal is to create a safe place in which people can talk about everything they are going through in the difficult journey of losing a loved one to dementia, a place in which they are asked, “How are you doing?”


Who is Beyond Alzheimer’s for?

Spouses, children, family members, care takers, friends, and loved ones. This group is for anyone who needs support in dealing with and understanding the pain, loneliness and difficulty of Alzheimer’s.

In Beyond Alzheimer’s, privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed, and doctors attend the sessions as well to help try and understand a disease affecting more 5 million Americans.