“During the ten years that my father was disappearing into Alzheimer’s, I rarely — if ever — was asked how I was doing. I accepted the loneliness of the journey I was on — a daughter losing her father to this mysterious disease that always wins in the end. But gradually I began to realize that others in the same situation also felt isolated and alone, with no one ever inquiring about their emotional health. In 2011, I started the support group Beyond Alzheimer’s at UCLA to give caregivers and family members a place to go for counsel, comfort, and emotional support. The structure of the group is to have two facilitators, one to deal with the emotional aspects of this difficult journey and someone from the medical field to answer clinical questions. I have run this group for six years; the past year we have been at Saint John’s Medical Center Foundation. Due to several factors, this support group will end on May 30, 2017. I am going to focus on licensing Beyond Alzheimer’s so that it can, hopefully, be available in hospitals across the country. Updates will be posted on this website.” – Patti Davis, Founder of Beyond Alzheimer’s