“During the ten years that my father was disappearing into Alzheimer’s, I rarely — if ever — was asked how I was doing. I accepted the loneliness of the journey I was on — a daughter losing her father to this mysterious disease that always wins in the end. But gradually I began to realize that others in the same situation also felt isolated and alone, with no one ever inquiring about their emotional health. In 2011, I created the support group Beyond Alzheimer’s and ran it, with the assistance of a co-faciltator from the medical field, for six years. Currently, there is no longer a group in Los Angeles, but I am working on getting the program licensed in hospitals around the country. Cleveland Clinic, in Las Vegas, is the first to license it. I will post updates on this site about the start date for that support group as well as any other licensing news.” – Patti Davis, Founder of Beyond Alzheimer’s